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Metal Artscapes
Metal Artscapes are large, luminous, and engaging contemporary metal wall art. Small texture marks on aluminum panels create a reflective quality that catches the eye, creates three dimensional movement, and leaves a unique impression. Each one-of-a-kind piece is vibrant and appears to have a life of its own, subtly changing as you walk by. Their beauty is only fully realized in person.
Art for Every Room
We have pieces just right for nearly any setting; whether it be for your bedroom or living room, hotel room or lobby, upscale restaurant, or posh nightclub. We have Metal Artscapes available in many sizes. The number and arrangement of panels vary to bring dynamic distinction to your walls. We feature handsome, unpainted aluminum and pieces airbrushed with beautifully saturated colors.
A Myriad of Designs
Many of our wall hangings include life-like scenes from nature such as flowers, trees and animals. Fire, water and the elements bring a strong aesthetic to some. Other paintings depict seascapes, cities or people. Our abstracts offer the joys of pure form
with vibrant strokes and geometric or swirling patterns. We can create a custom artscape from your photos or your logo.